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Great Harbour Trawlers

Great Harbour Trawlers
Great Harbour Trawlers America's Go-Anywhere Liveaboard

Technology meets tradition in America's most versatile, durable and seaworthy line of liveaboard trawlers. These boats are revered byexperienced mariners for their unmatched combination of practical design, durable construction and spacious accommodations. They have cruised from the headwaters of the Mississippi and Canadian canals to Bermuda, Hawaii and beyond.

Handcrafted by Mirage Manufacturing in Gainesville, Florida, Great Harbour Trawlers are designed for avid cruisers and full-time liveaboards. The fuel-efficient, twin-engine trawlers feature robust construction and the industry's most stable hull form. The shallow draft allows you to explore just about anywhere there's more than three feet of water. Low-maintenance exterior finishes combine with luxurious interiors that offer all the comforts of home, including premium bedding, generous storage capacities, spacious bathrooms and full-size home appliances. With the focus on safety - twin engines for absolute redundancy, solid fiberglass bottoms and a cored topsides and superstructure that make our boats literally unsinkable - you'll have confidence that your Great Harbour will get you safely and comfortably to your destination even in the most challenging conditions.

Call us to arrange for a factory tour. You'll meet the American craftsmen who would love to build YOU your
very own Great Harbour Trawler.

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